Car & Truck Accident

In this fast-paced age, it is unfortunate yet commonplace to witness other drivers eating, talking on cell phones, texting, applying makeup and even reading as they make their way about the busy South Florida roadways. This type of negligence contributes to the many car and truck accidents that occur each year.

If you are in an accident, there is no guide to follow or clear direction on what to do. You find yourself not only struggling financially in the wake of your life-changing car or truck accident, but also completely unknowing of the process that comes next. When you get into a serious car or truck accident that has physical repercussions, you ask yourself, “What do I do next? What steps to I take to make things right?

On the other hand, insurance companies deal with car and truck accidents every single day. They have built their industry on preventing people like you from getting the support and compensation that they deserve – and they have made avoiding payments to injured customers into an intricate art. It is easy for them to use confusing jargon, play games, delay your case, and even fall back on utilizing deceit, threats, and coercion. It does not matter to insurance companies that you suffered from whiplash or broken bones due to someone else’s negligence on the highway. It does not even matter to insurance companies that you or a family member suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury or brain injury in an auto accident. Simply put, returns to shareholders are negatively impacted every time a claim is paid.

Even though this might be your first experience coping in the wake of a serious automobile accident caused by the carelessness of someone else, chances are the attorneys at Brais Brais & Rusak have seen many cases similar to yours and understand what you are feeling and going through. More than that, we understand the games that insurance companies play and the tactics that they use in order to deter you from pursuing your case to the full extent of the law.

Just as it’s their business to prevent you from claiming your rightful compensation, it’s our business to make sure that your case is treated with fairness and respect and that you recover the money you need and deserve to pay your hospital bills, make up for your lost wages, and justly compensate you for your pain and suffering.

The attorneys at the law firm of Brais Brais & Rusak have the experience to protect your rights, the compassion to serve your needs, and the skill to obtain the compensation you deserve. To reach our lawyers you may click email the firm, call 1-800-499-0551 from within the U.S., Skype BraisLaw worldwide or click Contact Us to select and complete a form for a free evaluation of your case.

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