What To Do If Sexually Assaulted

  1. While this will certainly be against your natural instincts, it is recommended you NOT shower, and NOT wash your clothes or bedding (as this may damage or destroy valuable evidence) until you have had a forensic examination by qualified medical personnel.
  2. Report it to the ship’s Security Officer immediately. Have a trusted friend accompany you, if possible. Insist that the scene of the crime be secured until law enforcement officials arrive.
  3. Go to the ship’s infirmary for treatment of any physical injuries and to report the incident immediately. The medical personnel are required to alert the ship’s Security Officer, if you’ve not already done so. Insist upon a forensic examination to ensure that all evidence is collected. Retain your clothes in a new paper bag (NEVER in a Ziploc or plastic bag) until FBI or U.S. Coast Guard officials arrive.
  4. If you are onboard the ship when the crime occurs, immediately telephone the FBI and U.S. Coast Guard about the crime, and get advice on how to proceed. You can reach FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. at 202-324-3000, while the emergency numbers for the U.S. Coast Guard are: (1) Atlantic Area Command Center (for Great Lakes, Gulf and East Coasts) - (757) 398-6390; (2) Pacific Area Command center (for the Hawaiian, Alaskan and Pacific Coasts) - (510) 437-3701.
  5. Get the names of all crew involved, i.e., perpetrator(s), and witness(es).
  6. Get the names and contact details of all passengers with ANY information, i.e., anyone who saw, heard, felt, smelt, etc., any of the events. Don’t forget the passengers in neighboring cabins who may have heard something.
  7. Take photos of any physical injuries or bruises and of the scene of the incident.
  8. When first available, whether in the next port of call or upon arrival in your disembarkation port, go the nearest rape treatment center.
  9. Obtain proper medical care for your physical injuries.
  10. Lastly, and as soon as possible, call or have someone on your behalf call a law firm specializing in the field of Admiralty and Maritime law and familiar with cruise ship or mega yacht sexual assault / rape claims.

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