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Brais Law Firm Settles Cruise Ship Norovirus Wrongful Death Case

February 6, 2012 Celebrity Cruises Injury Lawsuits

Massachusetts Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifBrais Law firm represented the family of a Massachusetts man who died of Norovirus aboard the Celebrity cruise ship SOLSTICE. The complaint filed in Miami Federal Court alleged the passenger boarded the SOLSTICE without being warned the ship was experiencing a two week long Norovirus outbreak. The complaint explains on the fifth day of the cruise, the passenger started exhibited symptoms of Norovirus along with several other passengers which overwhelmed the ship’s medical staff. Court papers state the man was sent back to his cabin where he later died. An autopsy performed by the Broward County Coroner confirmed the death was caused by Norovirus. The family and cruise line entered into a confidential settlement after the case was filed.