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Brais Law Firm Settles Jones Act Negligence and Unseaworthiness Lawsuit on Behalf of British Crew Member

February 7, 2012 Carnival Cruises Injury Lawsuits

British Cruise Injury Law Firm.jpgThe Brais law firm settled a Jones Act negligence and unseaworthienss lawsuit on behalf of a British crewmember who worked as a dancer aboard the Carnival cruise ship MIRACLE. The complaint filed in Miami, Florida allege Carnival cruises was negligence and the cruise ship unseaworthy when the leg of a prop chair the dancer was ordered to perform on broke causing her to fall during a performance. The fall resulted in the crew member breaking her wrist. Court papers assert the chair was not structurally sufficient to be used as a prop and Carnival did not have an adequate maintenance schedule its prop chairs to discover defects before the chairs fail. The seafarer and Carnival entered into a confidential settlement before trial.