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Carnival Cruise Stateroom Stewardess Hires BBR’s Lawyers for Wrist Injury

August 28, 2013 Carnival Cruises Injury Lawsuits

Thailand Crew Injury Lawyer.pngA stateroom stewardess from Thailand has hired the cruise injury lawyers of BBR to represent her in a claim against Carnival Cruise Lines. The crewmember injured her wrist while performing heavy lifting of mattresses and bedding as part of her job duties. Stateroom stewards and stewardesses are required to “turn over” dozens of cabins on embarkation days so the cabins are fresh for the oncoming passengers. Often times the ship is short staffed requiring the attendants to turn over a cabin within minutes and work without breaks so as to reach all rooms. This means the crewmember must lift thousands of pounds in hours. This causes injuries, and in this case, a wrist injury.