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Category: Carnival Cruises Injury Lawsuits

Brais Law Firm Obtains Compensation for Injured Grenada Carnival Cruise Line Seafarer

February 7, 2012 Carnival Cruises Injury Lawsuits

Grenada Cruise Seafarer Injury.gifAfter having a Federal Court declare Carnival’s Panamanian choice of law clause within its crew member employment contract unenforceable, the Brais Law Firm brought an arbitration claim on behalf of an injured Grenada seafarer asserting a United States Jones Act claim for negligence. The arbitration claim alleged the crew member injured his knee when he tripped and fell due to an improperly maintained […]

Brais Law Firm Settles Jones Act Negligence and Unseaworthiness Lawsuit on Behalf of British Crew Member

February 7, 2012 Carnival Cruises Injury Lawsuits

British Cruise Injury Law Firm.jpgThe Brais law firm settled a Jones Act negligence and unseaworthienss lawsuit on behalf of a British crewmember who worked as a dancer aboard the Carnival cruise ship MIRACLE. The complaint filed in Miami, Florida allege Carnival cruises was negligence and the cruise ship unseaworthy when the leg of a prop chair the dancer was ordered to perform on broke causing her […]

Brais Law Attorneys Represent Peruvian Seafarer in Arbitration Against Carnival Cruise Line

February 3, 2012 Carnival Cruises Injury Lawsuits

Peru Cruise Line Lawyer.gifAfter successfully convincing a Miami Federal Court to declare a provision within Carnival Cruise Line’s Seafarers Agreement that deprives the right to bring a United States Jones Act negligence claim unenforceable, the Brais Law attorneys filed an arbitration claim against the cruise line on behalf of a Peruvian stateroom attendant. The arbitration claim alleges Carnival was negligent in causing significant injuries to the […]

Italian Crewmember Hires Brais Law Attorneys to File a Jones Act Claim Against Carnival Cruises

February 2, 2012 Carnival Cruises Injury Lawsuits

Italian Cruise Injury Attorney.jpgThe attorneys of Brais law have been hired to represent an Italian crewmember who was blinded by the negligent acts of Carnival Cruises. The complaint filed claims Carnival Cruises was negligent by not properly training the crewmember on how to properly mix chemicals for the cruise ship LEGEND’s desalinization plaint. This caused a chemical reaction resulting the crewmember’s loss of sight. The […]