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Your child’s health is, obviously, of utmost importance to you. Unfortunately, the idea that a design flaw or manufacturing defect can cause harm to your child is a devastating reality. Fighting for compensation will not reverse the accident, but the money can help you provide your child with medical care, rehabilitation, tools and assistance to improve his or her quality of life and chance for full recovery.

Brais Law Firm regularly represents minors and their parents in products liability claims. Cases involving children are unique in the manner in which they are handled and the types of damages we pursue. Miami products liability lawyers protect your child’s rights and help you give your child opportunities for recovery and a full, normal life after a serious injury.

Our lawyers have taken more than 100 claims to trial and handled hundreds more settlements. Our drive at the trial level increases our successes at the settlement stage because opposing counsel is aware that we will not settle cases unless it is in our client’s best interest to do so. Our firm recovered $20 million in 2014 and many millions more in preceding and following years*. Review our Results page to learn more.

Serious Dangers Lurk in Basic Children’s Products

You go through great lengths to protect your child. However, you cannot possibly know about hidden design and manufacturing defects in your child’s toys, clothes, furniture, food and playground equipment. Recent recalls have involved such hazards as:

  • Flammable nightgown
  • Toy car rollover risk
  • Remote control toy fire hazard
  • Dresser that can topple over
  • Rattle choking hazard
  • Lead paint in products
  • Collapsing bicycle frame
  • Brake failure on bicycle
  • Bunk bed fall risks
  • Brakeage of buckle on baby carrier

Calculating Damages for Children

Often, a company recalls its products only after a child was injured or killed. Thus, many dangerous products remain on the market. We are determined to protect kids from hazards while helping our injured clients and their parents recover damages related to:

  • Head injuries and effects on cognitive development
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Crush injuries, broken bones and amputations
  • Hearing and sight impairment
  • Nerve damage
  • Scars and disfigurement
  • Disabilities
  • Medical care and rehabilitation
  • Special education assistance
  • Mobility tools and equipment
  • Lost future wages

We consider the immediate needs of your child and calculate the long-term impact the injury will have on your child’s future.

Recover for Your Child’s Injuries

Brais Law Firm helps children and their parents recover damages from negligent manufacturers. We always put your child’s best interest first. For more information, schedule your free case assessment with our products liability law firm. We take your claim on a contingency fee basis. You, therefore, do not pay lawyers’ fees until after you have recovered damages on your products liability claim from the negligent corporation. Our office in Miami handles products liability claims in Florida.