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Common Cruise Ship Passenger Injuries

A cruise can be a wonderful way to unwind and relax while traveling to sought-after destinations. Sadly, an accident on or off the ship can turn a wonderful vacation into a tragedy. With over 20 million passengers sailing on cruise ships worldwide, it is not surprising to learn that thousands of accidents and injuries take place on and off these vessels each year. In many situations, the unfortunate event was due to negligence on the part of the cruise ship line or an employee and could have been prevented.

If you have been hurt while traveling on a cruise, Brais Law Firm is committed to holding the cruise operator and all other responsible parties accountable for your injuries. Our attorneys have decades of collective experience helping cruise ship passengers who have suffered serious harms recover the monetary compensation they deserve. Whether your injuries occurred while you were aboard the ship or during an offshore excursion, an experienced cruise passenger injury attorney at our firm will help you pursue all available legal remedies.

Common Cruise Ships Accidents

A cruise ship accident or injury can occur at any point in time and just about anywhere on or off the vessel. Some of the most common accidents that passengers suffer on cruises include:

  • Slip and Falls. Slip and falls incidents are one of the most common causes of injuries among cruise ship passengers. Whether your accident was due to a slippery deck, spilled substance or another factor, our attorneys will fight to hold the cruise line responsible.
  • Trip and Falls. A trip and fall accident on a cruise ship can lead to all types of serious injuries. When a cruise company fails to exercise reasonable care for the safety of its passengers, our attorneys are prepared to help trip and fall victims get the full compensation they deserve.
  • Gangway Accidents. Gangways are supposed to provide a safe means for passengers to disembark when a ship is in port. However, far too often, slippery handrails, steep inclines, improper lashing and other dangerous conditions result in gangway accidents.
  • Tender Boat Accidents. In some ports of call, tender boats must be used to ferry passengers to and from land. When an operator fails to maintain the tender boat and/or follow proper boarding methods and tendering protocols, tragic accidents can occur.
  • Automatic Door Accidents. Accidents and injuries involving malfunctioning automatic doors are a fairly regular occurrence on cruise ships. When a cruise operator fails to properly maintain, and replace this equipment and an accident occurs, our legal team knows how to build a powerful case for recovery.
  • Drownings & Pool Accidents. Sadly, drownings and pool accidents aboard cruise ships occur more often than we would like to think. When inadequate safety measures are to blame, our attorneys will fight to hold cruise lines fully responsible for their negligence.
  • Shore Excursion Accidents. Accidents and injuries that occur during shoreside excursions often involve multiple responsible parties. Our attorneys know how to investigate these cases and we will pursue all available legal remedies for our clients.
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