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Crew Member Tug and Barge Claims

Video Transcript

With the question of tug and barge claimes, people may be familiar with it. In that situation, you have a very smaller vessel, bumpers all the way around it, sometimes large tires. There’s a cable and there’s a barge. Sometimes the tugs are used to move other larger vessels, say when a cruise ship is maneuvering in order to berth at a pier. It’s a unique area, it’s a crew member’s claim. They typically have an employment agreement with their employer, they also have a Jones Act claim. They also have the maintenance and cure claim. They also have the unseaworthiness claim.

But it’s the familiarity with these types of claims and the work that takes place in those claims which is something that our firm brings to bear on behalf of an injured crew member or seaman and something we’ve done for nearly 30 years.