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Cruise Ship Excursion Accidents and Claims

Video Transcript

In every single one of these cases the first line of defense, the cruise line will raise is that they are not liable because the shore-side concession here, the excursion company is an independent contractor. Well, number one they advertised on the cruise lines websites. Number two they have a fee sharing agreement. Number three, the cruise passenger has never been where ever the port may be.

The cruise passenger has to rely upon the hope that the cruise line has properly vetted who this excursion company is. In cases of a shore-side accident, the cruise line can be sued, the shore-side excursion company should be sued as well. The attorney representing your interest should fight hard to prove that the foreign excursion company can be brought into a court, say here in Miami Florida and sued notwithstanding the fact their operation may have been in form part the boat.