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Experiencing an injury when you are out on the water trying to have a good time on your jet ski or other personal watercraft can not only put an end to the fun for the day but can also lead to long-term and potentially life-changing injuries. Being injured can not only result in substantial emergency medical bills, but also long-term medical costs like surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing pain medication. When injuries prevent you from returning to work or earning as much as before, you can also collect compensation to make up the difference from the time of your injury through the remainder of your working life. 

Determining whether you have a claim or case for your jet ski injury requires a careful analysis of the unique facts and circumstances of your accident and how the law applies to them. Once it is proven that another party caused your injuries, you’ll need to gather evidence to prove their amount prior to drafting, filing, and negotiating a claim to recover compensation for your injuries. 

A Florida jet ski accident lawyer at Brais Law can determine if you have a case. If you do have a viable case, our team will handle the entire process on your behalf so you collect the full amount of damages that you deserve. Read on to learn more about how the law applies to your jet ski accident injuries and how a Florida jet ski accident lawyer can help.

What is a “Personal Watercraft” and Why Does the Designation Matter? 

A personal watercraft is something that you enjoy while “on” as opposed to being “in” it. This includes a variety of personal watercraft that fall largely into three categories: those you sit on, those you stand on, and those you lay on. Some personal watercraft also have the ability to tow individuals on tubes, skis, or boards. All individuals who are enjoying a personal watercraft, including those being towed, are engaging in a PWC-based activity. 

The designation of PWC matters because it changes the laws and statutes that are applied to any claims or cases related to injuries to persons riding on PWCs. If you are riding “in” a boat or other vessel, it is very likely that a complex combination of federal maritime laws, local and state laws, and other regulations overlap to determine the outcome of your case. When you have been injured while riding on a PWC, local and state laws will apply, which can make recovering damages for your injuries more straightforward when you are working with an experienced Florida jet ski accident lawyer. 

How Does a Florida Jet Ski Accident Lawyer Help? 

If you are injured because of an accident or incident caused by another person or entity, then you are able to collect compensation for the costs linked to your injuries from that party. Proving their liability requires the application of complex legal terms like negligence and recklessness. Negligence is when you are owed some level of responsibility by another party, they fail to meet that responsibility, and because of that breach, an accident happens that causes you injury that results in damages. It may sound somewhat straightforward, but the insurance company and attorneys working for the at-fault party will make it as complicated as possible to avoid paying you what you deserve. 

How Much is My Jet Ski Accident Claim Worth? 

One of the key benefits provided by your Florida jet ski accident lawyer at Brais Law, beyond negotiating exclusively with the opposing party throughout the entire process, is the complete and accurate measurement of your claim. We’ll refer you to medical and occupational experts who will determine the lifetime, long-term costs and damages linked to your injury in terms of your health and ability to work. With this information, we will put together your case and submit a claim to the responsible insurance company to begin the process of recovering your compensation. 

Reach out to a Florida Jet Ski Accident Lawyer at Brais Law Now

If you have been injured in a jet ski accident in Florida, the experienced maritime attorneys at Brais Law are available to discuss your case by calling us at (305) 416-2901 or visiting our site to schedule your free initial consultation. We’ll determine if we can take your case during your initial consultation, and if we do, we only get paid if we win.

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