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Florida TowBoat U.S. Captain Attempts Ocean Rescue Drunk

June 22, 2011 Boating Accident Injury & Death

Timothy Pooler.jpgThe South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports Boynton Beach, Florida TowboatU.S. captain Timothy R. Pooler attempted to rescue a disabled recreational boat drunk on June 19th. Lionel Casey and Lewis Dames of Fort Lauderdale were 25 miles off Delray Beach when their motor died. Pooler, 63, arrived at the scene four hours after being dispatched drunk. After attaching a tow line, he towed the disabled boat for several hours in circles. At dawn, Pooler asked Casey and Dames to drive his tow boat, which then ran out of fuel. Casey and Dames were then able to get their engine running again and began towing Pooler’s boat until they decided to cut him loose. Shortly thereafter their boat broke down again and a second tow boat delivered the men to shore 12 hours after their initial breakdown.

The FWC officers investigating the incident stated Pooler admitted to drinking alcohol the day before, saying he shouldn’t have reported for duty. Officers said Pooler also admitted to being on several prescription medications. Pooler was arrested and charged with boating under the influence.