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Florida Woman Hires Brais Law Firm to Represent her in a Personal Injury Claim Against a Cruise Line

August 22, 2013 Uncategorized

Florida Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifThe Florida cruise injury lawyers of Brais Law Firm have been retained by a Florida woman in connection with her claim against Disney Cruise Line. While on a Caribbean cruise, the woman slipped and fell on an unreasonably slippery and wet deck. The fall caused her to tear her rotator cuff. A rotator torn cuff injury involves the tearing of one or more of the tendons connecting the shoulder muscles. A rotator cuff injury is very painful and significantly impacts a person’s daily living. Cruise lines have the duty to provide a reasonably safe ship for their passengers. This includes monitoring areas for spills, cleaning spills as well as maintaining the non-slip properties of the floor.