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FlowRider Accident Claims

One of the joys of taking an outing with friends or family is the excitement of trying new things like the FlowRider. While you expect a certain level of excitement, you also expect that when you are paying for a recreational activity, it will not be unreasonably dangerous or run the risk of serious bodily harm. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and when FlowRiders and other amusements are poorly maintained or inadequately supervised, injuries can and do happen. If you or a loved one was injured while trying to enjoy a FlowRider or other recreational activity, connect with a FlowRider accident lawyer at Brais Law Firm for your free consultation to discuss the legal options of your case. 

What Is A FlowRider? 

FlowRider is an artificial wave that users are able to surf in a stable position. In other words, it’s the surfing equivalent of an exercise bike. The FlowRider attraction is found at a variety of amusement parks, as well as on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The activity is relatively dangerous, and Royal Caribbean and other amusement providers often fail to adequately warn their customers about the dangers of injury associated with its use. 

When customers are injured due to poorly managed or poorly supervised rides, or if they were not adequately warned and/or trained on how to avoid such dangers, they may have a claim for their related injuries. 

Damages Generally Include Medical Costs, Lost Wages, & Sometimes Pain and Suffering 

If you have a viable personal injury claim for your FlowRider accident injury, you will generally be able to collect:

  • Short- and long-term medical costs – This includes the initial emergency medical attention in addition to surgeries, rehabilitation, medications, and any ongoing treatment or pain management associated with your injuries. 
  • Lost wages, work benefits, and earning potential – When your injuries keep you out of work or prevent you from returning to work and earning the same income as before the accident, you are entitled to compensation to cover the difference. 
  • Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life – In some circumstances, you could be entitled to damages for the pain and suffering associated with your injuries, in addition to compensation for any negative changes in your ability to enjoy your life as you did before the FlowRider injury. 

A FlowRider Accident Lawyer Can Help You Prove Your Case

When you are injured due to the negligence of an amusement park or cruise ship in terms of maintenance, their employees, or an equipment malfunction, you could have a claim for damages. Generally, your claim will be filed with the venue’s insurance company, whether it’s an amusement park, cruise liner, or otherwise. However, please note that the insurance company works for profit, not for you, and they will do whatever is possible to reduce the amount you are paid or deny your cruise ship injury claim altogether. 

The best way to accurately assess your situation, make a claim, and collect the compensation you deserve is by working with a FlowRider accident attorney. 

Speak With A FlowRider Accident Lawyer Right Away

For your risk-free, cost-free initial case review, give us a call at (800) 499-0551 or visit our site to schedule a consultation.

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