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Four Arrested in Connection with the Armed Robbery of Celebrity Cruise Line Passengers in St. Kitts

November 18, 2010 Cruise Ship Injury & Death reports St. Kitts’ authorities have arrested four persons in connection with the November 14, 2010 armed robbery of Celebrity Cruise Lines’ passengers aboard a tour bus.

Seventeen passengers from the Celebrity cruise ship Mercury were held by gunpoint and robbed last Sunday. The passengers were on organized excursion tour when the attacked occurred. It is reported that the attackers blocked the road with a tree and when the bus came to a stop a rock was thrown through the windshield. The men then boarded the tour bus and demanded the cruise passengers to hand over their valuables at gunpoint. As a direct result of the robbery, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises have stopped all visits to St Kitts.

It is unclear whether that area of St. Kitts has a history of armed attacks. Under U.S. Maritime Law, a cruise line may be held liable in civil court for passenger injuries arising from an attack if the cruise line knew or should have known that the area where the passengers were invited to visit on an excursion is dangerous and failed to warn of the danger. Celebrity’s cruise ticket requires its passengers to file any lawsuit against the company in U.S. Federal Court located in Miami, Florida.

If you wish to learn more about a cruise line’s legal obligations to its passengers in such situations, feel free to read the following article: