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Is There a Deadline for me to Bring a Claim?

Video Transcript

If law to law governs, there's going to be a statutory period of time within which you must bring the claim, and you have to bring the claim, not only within that period of time, but you have to bring the claim in the proper court and within the proper period of time or you lose your right to pursue the case. You can file late, but the first thing the other side is going to do is file a motion to dismiss for a personal injury plaintiff failure to timely file the lawsuit. The same applies in maritime cases. Accidents that happen beyond a certain distance from the shore, those types of cases are going to be governed by maritime law.

If it's a crew member case, the claim better be brought within three years. Client shouldn't be a victim twice, they really should try to find a lawyer competent in that field and find out one of the things beyond their skill and expertise. One of the things is, by when do I need to bring this lawsuit in order for their rights to be protected? Lawyers specializing in the field that governs your claim will know that and protect your rights.