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Jet Ski & WaveRunner Pre-Ride Release and Waivers

Video Transcript

Clients come to us and they say, "But I signed a piece of paper before I went on the jet ski. I think this thing may have waived my rights." A consequence is that these people who have suffered these personal injuries, they look at this piece of paper and they say, "Well, I guess I shouldn't even bother to contact a lawyer." That is a big mistake. These pre-ride releases and waivers can be challenged.

In many instances, because the operator or the renter if you will of the jet ski or the waiver has not complied with certain Florida statute or has not drafted the document in a clear and unambiguous way. In many instances, these releases can be challenged and deemed unenforceable. This is something the firm has done and has several published opinions. In fact, we have written on this exact point -- it is something that we have done for a very long time now.