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Lawsuits Against Foreign Resorts

Video Transcript

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Lawsuits against foreign resorts can be very, very complicated and tricky cases to handle. Before the unsuspecting guest ever arrives at the resort, they'll receive a confirmation of their booking details. They may or may not be in small print at the bottom, unsuspectingly see reverse side for terms and conditions.

The intention of that provision is to limit your ability to sue, and these companies do not want to be sued in the United States because as compared to foreign laws and US law, they are more designed around fairly and adequately compensating a person who has suffered an injury.

For all of these reasons, if you've been injured in a foreign country, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, wherever the case may be, it is extremely important to hire a law firm who's familiar with all of these aspects in order to protect your rights and acquire for you full and just compensation.