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Louisiana Woman Injured on the Carnival Elation Hires Brais Law Firm

January 2, 2014 Carnival Cruises Injury Lawsuits

Louisiana Cruise Injury Lawyer.pngA Louisiana woman has hired the cruise accident attorneys of Brais Law Firm to represent her in a personal injury claim against Carnival. While walking on the Lido deck aboard the Elation cruise ship our client was struck by malfunctioning automatic doors. The force of the closing doors caused the passenger to be thrown to the ground. The accident resulted significant personal injuries. Carnival owes its guests the duty to provide reasonable care which includes properly maintaining all doors aboard its ships. There seems to be a problem with doors malfunctioning aboard Carnival cruise ships. This law firm alone is representing multiple passengers who suffered personal injuries (including severed fingers) from malfunctioning doors. If you, or know of someone who, was injured aboard the Elation by a malfunctioning automatic door, our lawyers would like to speak with you. Your experience can help us better serve our clients. Brais Law Firm offer many different ways to contact our law firm which could be learned by clicking this link.