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Maritime, Cruise Ship & Personal Injury Law

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Maritime Injury Attorneys & Miami Cruise Accident Lawyers

Brais Law Firm is a premier maritime injury law firm helping injury and crime victims recover compensation in a wide range of maritime personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Our maritime injury attorneys and Miami cruise ship accident lawyers have decades of experience and credentials demonstrating their peer reviewed achievements, including: Board Certified by the Florida Bar in maritime law, “AV” Preeminent Rated with Martindale-Hubbell, Multi-Million Dollar Advocate, Super Law, Florida’s Legal Elite, Association of American Trial Lawyers Top 100, America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators and The Marquis Who’s Who Publication. Brais Law is often called upon to represent cruise ship passengers who have suffered a personal injury or been a victim of sexual assault or rape, including molestation of children. Brais Law routinely represent crew members injured aboard cruise ships, cargo and tanker vessels, yachts, ferries, tugs, and barges. Brais Law frequently represents those injured in boating accidents and jet ski & wave runner (aka “personal watercraft”) collisions and accidents. Our Miami-based attorneys also lend their expertise to assisting dive accident victims (both snorkeling and scuba), including those run-over by powerboats, often referred to as prop-strike cases.


Cruise Ship Crew Member Injury

I was in pain for a good 6 months, it was just a nightmare…It wasn’t until I got Mr. Brais that I really started getting the help I needed from the doctors. You need somebody you can trust, somebody to give you some guidance. They stuck in there with me the whole way.


Tug & Barge Crew Member Death

I just thought he [Mr. Brais] was the man to do it. I felt comfortable with him being by my side. The pain my family has suffered has been immeasurable, but he was there with me. It’s not just him, it’s his team also. Keith really stood up for my son. I know I made the best choice.


Resort Guest Injury

As we worked with Keith, I realized what would have happened had we just selected an attorney in town…I realized that the outcome would have been probably entirely different, and not as successful as it was. I felt very comfortable going through with the whole process. I would say Keith is a superhero.


Hire an Attorney Who Specializes in Maritime Law

There are all types of attorneys who practice law, but not all attorneys are best suited to handle your maritime injury or cruise ship accident case.

Certain cases require attorneys with particular expertise. If your claim involves navigable waters and a vessel of whatever type (e.g., cruise ship, tanker, cargo, ferry, tug and barge, yacht, pleasure boat, dive boat, jet ski, wave runner, etc.) or employment in the marine industry (e.g. crew member, Jones Act seaman, longshoreman, cruise ship employee, etc.), then your claim is governed by maritime law.

Maritime law is a unique end esoteric body of law. It is very different from auto cases or other “shore-side” types of claims and requires the expertise of a skilled and experienced maritime practitioner.


No Recovery, No Fee

3 United States Coast Guard Licenses

We’ve experienced first-hand the rigors of working offshore, and the dangers associated with offshore employment. We know the maritime language needed to get results with your case.


Board Certified Experts in Maritime Law

Keith Brais was the first of a limited number of attorneys to become board certified in maritime law by the Florida Bar in 1996

The Miami-based maritime injury lawyers and cruise ship accident attorneys with Brais Law Firm are experts in the field of maritime law.

Only seven percent of Florida attorneys can represent that they are experts in a particular field of law under Florida Bar rules. Only after practicing a requisite number of years, providing proof of substantial relevant legal accomplishment and passing a board certification exam may an attorney ethically represent themselves as an “expert” in a certain practice area.

Keith Brais was the first of a limited number of attorneys to become board certified in maritime law by the Florida Bar in 1996.

Even today, there are very few board certified maritime attorneys and even fewer who represent plaintiffs. The firm’s maritime injury attorneys and cruise ship accident lawyers work exclusively on behalf of injured individuals or loved ones left behind after wrongful death and are here to help and lend their expertise in support if your claim.


Keith S. Brais

Having graduated with a B.S. degree in Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, acquired three U.S. Coast Guard licenses and worked on offshore oil drilling platforms for more than seven years, Keith Brais brings an uncommon degree of real world experience to his clients’ personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Eliot T. Brais

Eliot T. Brais is the sole and managing shareholder in his North Attleboro, Massachusetts office. He began his law career in 1988, joining his father, Ronald A. Brais, who had enjoyed a 40 year practice primarily concentrating on estate planning and small business law.

Michelle Y. Gurian

Michelle has concentrated in the area of plaintiffs’ civil trial practice since the beginning of her legal career. Her experience includes land-based and admiralty/maritime personal injury, wrongful death, and class action litigation.

People Ahead of Corporate Profit

The maritime injury attorneys and cruise ship accident lawyers with Brais Law Firm represent only individuals, not insurance companies, cruise lines, corporations or marine employers.

All too often injuries are the result of negligence caused by careless, indifference, corporate “penny pinching” or outright greed. As a consequence, safety is compromised. The reality is that corporate “bean counters” accept the inevitability of accidents but all too often decide it is cheaper to pay a deductible and turn the defense of a claim over to attorneys hired by an insurance company, than to proactively implement safety measures to prevent an accident in the first place.

Sadly, corporations place profit ahead of people. In these circumstances, we fight on your behalf to hold the defendant individuals or corporation financially accountable for the injuries you have suffered.


The attorneys with the Brais Law Firm are leaders in the field of maritime injury law leaders in the field of maritime injury law with decades of reported cases, establishing new and favorable law, and a proven record of obtaining million and multi-million dollar recoveries (settlements and verdicts).

In fact, since deciding to represent only individuals, the firm’s recoveries exceed 60 million dollars in the last several years alone*. Every maritime and personal injury case is different. Results will vary depending upon the facts of your case, governing law and injuries suffered. These important issues aside, your choice of a law firm experienced in the highly specialized field of maritime law will likely have the single greatest impact on the financial outcome of your claim.

$19.9 Million

Resort Guest Lifetime
Client Payout

$9.8 Million

Resort Guest Wrongful Death

$6.8 Million

Crew Member Lifetime Client Payout

$6.6 Million

PWC / WaveRunner Personal Injury

$2.9 Million

Crew Member Personal Injury

$2.2 Million

Cruise Passenger Sexual Assault

$1.34 Million

Tug & Barge Crew Member Wrongful Death

$1.3 Million

Unsafe & Defective
Products Liability

$1.29 Million

Crew Member Personal Injury

$1.18 Million

Jet Skier Jury Verdict

$1.1 Million

Recreational Diver
Run Over -Prop Strike


Resort Guest Personal Injury

Practice Areas


Over 70 Years & 100 Trials of Collective Experience

The attorneys within and “of counsel” to our firm have more than 70 years and 100 trials of collective experience trying cases before judges and juries.

Board Certified Expert in Maritime & Admiralty Law

Keith Brais is among a select number of attorneys who have achieved board certification in maritime law by the Florida Bar.

“Protecting Rights and Restoring Lives”

Our mission statement is “Protecting Rights and Restoring Lives.” These are not merely words. We have the experience to protect your rights, the compassion to serve your needs and the skill to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Award Winning Legal Team

The members of our legal team have received numerous awards and accolades throughout the course ion their careers, including being “AV Preeminent rated with Martindale Hubbell and named as members of both Super Lawyers and Legal Elite.

Real World Experience in the Maritime Industry

Keith Brais graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a B.S. degree in marine engineering. Over his seven plus years working aboard ships and offshore oil rigs, he acquired three U.S. Coast Guard Licenses.
(now inactive).

First-Hand Knowledge of Opposition

The attorneys at our firm represented maritime employers, cruise lines, insurance companies and other major players in the maritime industry for nearly 20 years. These “blue chip” marine employers and insurers can and do hire only the best available attorneys. The attorneys with Brais Law Firm now put their expertise and experience to fight for the rights of the individuals who have suffered serious personal injury or wrongful death of a loved one.

Exclusively Representing Injured Individuals

At Brais Law Firm we focus our efforts on helping individuals, not insurance companies, cruise lines, corporations or marine employers. Our firm is here to help you and your family.

Track Record of Success

Every maritime injury and cruise ship accident lawyer at our firm is focused on getting individuals the compensation they deserve. In the last several years alone, we have proudly secure more than 60 million dollars for our clients.

Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Partner Keith Brans is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members of this prestigious group of trial lawyers.


How will I be able to afford and attorney?

At Brais Law Firm we handle maritime accidents, personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay any legal fees unless we are successful in winning your case. If we recover financial compensation for you, we collect a percentage of the gross recovery before the deduction of costs. If there is no recovery, you will not pay any fees to the firm. Our firm also offers free, no-obligation consultations where you can learn more about our fee arrangements and how we can best assist you with your case.

Who will be handling my case?

Your case will be handled by experienced personal injury attorney who know what it takes to get the results that you deserve. The practitioners at our firm have over 70 years of collective trial experience. Our credentials and qualifications are extensive including an “AV” Preeminent rating by Martindale-Hubbell and membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. More importantly, we have a first-hand understanding of how insurance carriers operate because we represented clients insured with major insurance companies for nearly 20 years before we made the choice to change sides so that we could help the people who need us most – individuals just like you.

What types of financial compensation can I recover?

Every cruise ship accident and maritime injury case is unique and the compensation that you are entitled to recover will depend upon the specific facts of your case, the injuries suffered and the governing law. For instance, if you are an injured crew member who qualifies as a “seaman” under the federal Jones Act, you may have three potential avenues available to collect compensation: (1) Filing a lawsuit against your employer for negligence under the Jones Act; (2) Suing the owner of the vessel for damages under the doctrine of unseaworthiness; and (3) Collecting maintenance (lodging and food) and cure (medical expenses) and sick wages against your employer and even the ship itself under an “in rem” claim. If you are a passenger injured on a cruise, a cruise ship accident lawyer at our firm will work to help you recover a wide range damages, including compensation for past and future medical care, lost past and future income, diminished earning capacity, and pain and suffering whether emotional, psychological or physical.

Is it Expensive to Hire a Lawyer?

Though concerns over the “expense” of hiring an attorney are generally dependent on the nature of the legal matter at issue and the financial resources available to the client, there are many situations in which hiring a lawyer will cost you nothing up-front — primarily situations involving plaintiff’s-side litigation.

If you’ve been injured while traveling aboard a cruise ship, for example, then you may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against the cruise line for damages. Many plaintiffs worry about the cost of doing so, but in reality, there are no up-front costs. When you pursue a personal injury lawsuit, whether in the maritime context or otherwise, you will (typically) hire an attorney on contingency.

How Do Contingency Fee Arrangements Work?

Contingency fee arrangements are designed in such a way to reduce the friction of working with an attorney. Attorneys who work on contingency are not paid unless and until their client secures compensation for their injuries (whether through a verdict or negotiated settlement compromise).

When you hire an attorney on contingency, the vast majority of various costs associated with comprehensive litigation, such as the cost of working with a subject matter expert, and filing fees, among other expenses, are advanced by their firm. You do not pay out-of-pocket for any costs incurred by a firm advancing your case, including those required to pursue litigation. You bear only your own costs, for example if you must travel to the forum where the case is pending to attend your deposition, a compulsory physical examination or attend a mediation these are the only costs you will be asked to advance.

The contingency fee payment only comes into play once the case is resolved. If you do not secure a recovery, then no fees will be owned to the firm. If you do secure a recovery, however, then the attorney will take a percentage “cut” of the compensation that they helped you obtain. The percentage taken through contingency can vary from case-to-case and depending on when the matter is resolved — if the matter proceeds to trial litigation, for example, then the contingency fee percentage will increase to 40 percent.

This can be a bit confusing without further context, so let’s use a brief example to clarify how a contingency fee plays out in real-world situations.

Suppose that you are injured in a cruise ship accident. You hire an attorney on contingency. If you are not able to successfully litigate the claim and secure damages, then you will owe no fee to the firm and will owe costs to the firm only if the case proceeded to trial against the advice of your attorneys. If you do secure damages of $100,000 through an early negotiated settlement, then the attorney will take their percentage cut out of that $100,000 amount (say, 1/3rd of the recovery before any deductions, or $33,333.00 in this example). If the negotiated settlement is obtained later in the litigation, for example anytime after the other side files an “Answer” to the complain the attorney will take a 40% of the recovery before any deductions.

Contingency fee arrangements are advantageous in that they greatly limit a plaintiff’s risks of a negative result from a lawsuit, but also create a favorable dynamic in litigation for the plaintiff. When an attorney is hired on contingency, the goals of the attorney and client are aligned — the attorney will only be paid a fee if they can successfully obtain compensation for their client, and further, the attorney will increase their pay if they can maximize the total recovery. As such, the attorney is incentivized to invest time, attention, and resources towards the client’s case.

If you’ve been injured due to the fault of another in a maritime and admiralty law scenario, whether you are a passenger, employee, or bystander, then Brais Law Firm can provide legal assistance. Contact our firm to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

I highly recommend Brais Law Firm. Their professionalism and expertise were top notch. My slip and fall injury case involved a well known cruise ship and was nerve racking to me. They calmed all my fears and walked me through step by step. In the end they helped me obtain a favorable recovery. Look no further, call them with your Maritime case!!!


I was in an accident where I was struck by a boat and boat propeller. The Brais Law Firm represented me in a very professional manner. I am very satisfied with the service and support I received from the firm and happy with the results they achieved. I recommend Keith Brais and his firm to anyone needing representation related to a maritime personal injury.