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Parasailing Accident in Florida Keys Leaves One Woman Dead and Two Others Injured

June 1, 2022 General

Supraja Alaparthi, her son, and her nephew were parasailing on Monday shortly before 5:30 p.m. when they slammed into a bridge in Key West. The parasail hurtled toward the bridge at an unsafe speed after getting caught in a gale. It is reported the three were visiting from Illinois and were participating in the parasailing tour offered by Lighthouse Parasail of Marathon. According to the FWC report, a strong gust of wind took over the parasail chute which prompted the captain to cut the line that tethered the parasail to the vessel. The parasail then dropped in height and was dragged along the surface of the water until colliding with the bridge. A good Samaritan responded to the scene, brought all three victims onboard, and transported them to Sunset Grill Marina where EMTs took over. Supraja Alaparthi was pronounced dead at the scene, her nephew was taken to Miami Children’s Hospital for treatment, and her son suffered minor injuries. FWC continues to investigate into the cause of the incident.  

We offer our sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of the individuals involved. Since parasailing accidents are governed by Maritime Law, we recommend the family seek out an experienced maritime practitioner once they are ready to do so, preferably one who is Board Certified in Admiralty and Maritime Law.