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About Liability Causes of Action

Products liability refers to the liability of each corporation along the chain of design, production, storage, delivery and sale of a product. The area of products liability law incorporates several theories, including breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty and strict liability and may give rise to several causes of action, such as defective design, defective manufacturing and warning defect.

As one of the top products liability law firms in Florida, Brais Law Firm handles the full spectrum of products liability claims. Our Miami product liability lawyers are able to strategize effective means of recovering the maximum possible damages in each case. We have recovered numerous six and seven-figure verdicts and settlements because of our strategic approach, our substantial experience, our vast resources and our aggressive pursuit of justice, among other factors.

We can advocate for you at the negotiating table and in the courtroom to protect your rights to safe products and to recover when corporations fail their duties to you. Review our firm’s Results page for more details about the close to $40 million we have recovered during the past several years*.

Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

After establishing that the product injured you, the next step is determining who is liable. The designer, manufacturer or the vender may be to blame, often under these causes of liability:

  • Design defects exist in the actual design of the product, meaning all items manufactured to the design specifications are defective. Our attorneys prove that an alternate design would be as economically feasible and as practical as the original design, but be safer without comprising the purpose for which the product was intended.
  • Manufacturing defects are mistakes that occur during the manufacturing process. Our lawyers prove that the product deviated from the original design and the deviation rendered the product unsafe.
  • Inadequate warning label defects occur in the manner in which the product is marketed to you. We demonstrate that the product was dangerous when used as intended, the manufacturer was aware of the hazard, and the danger would not be obvious to a reasonable consumer, and yet the manufacturer failed to warn you of the danger.

Damages in Products Liability Claims

Product defects can cause serious, and sometimes deadly, injuries. Examples of damages arising from products liability claims we regularly handle include:

  • Third degree burns when an appliance catches fire;
  • Spinal cord damage from a car crash caused by a defective auto part;
  • Blindness caused when a defective machine shoots wood or metal shards into your eye;
  • Head injuries sustained in a fall from a defective ladder;
  • Lead poisoning from paint on a baby’s toy; and
  • Drowning after being caught in a pool suction that contained a poorly fitting cover.

Hold the Products Corporation Liable for Your Injuries

If you were injured by a product, let Brais Law Firm advise you of your rights to recovery. Your first consultation is free and, under our contingency plan, you do not owe us lawyers’ fees until we recover damages. To best serve you, we maintain our main office in Miami, Florida.