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Injured in a Recreational Boating or Water Sports Accident? Get Advice From an Experienced Boating Accident Lawyer

A boating or watersport accident can happen just about anywhere on or near the water. These types of incidents can result in serious injuries that leave victims with large medical bills, financial struggles, physical pain and emotional suffering. The laws governing accidents involving personal watercrafts, yachts and other recreational vessels can be extraordinarily challenging to navigate on your own. At Brais Law Firm, we have vast experience representing individuals and families that have suffered losses and damages in water-related accidents. Our firm handles all types of recreational boating and watersport cases, including claims involving:

  • Personal watercraft accidents. Accidents involving Jet Skis, WaveRunners and other personal watercrafts can be caused by many different factors. Some of the most common causes include speeding, reckless operation, distractions, alcohol use and failure to follow navigational rules. Individuals who are injured because of operator negligence may be entitled to recover compensation for their injuries.
  • Defective watercraft cases. Defective Jet Skis, WaveRunners and other personal watercraft products can be extraordinarily dangerous. Not only can operators and passengers suffer serious injuries when a watercraft malfunctions or goes out of control, people who are swimming in surrounding areas can be hurt or even killed.These types of claims involve complicated facts and there may be multiple parties who are legally responsible for the injuries. Our firm knows how to thoroughly investigate defective watercraft cases and we pursue all available legal avenues on behalf of our clients.
  • Boating accidents. Boating accidents are more common than we would like to think. In fact, according to U.S Coast Guard reports, nearly 4,500 recreational boating accidents occurred in 2016 alone. Whether the accident involved a motorboat, pontoon, canoe, kayak or other recreational vessel, a boating accident lawyer has the knowledge and resources to help injury victims get fair and full compensation for their losses and damages.
  • Yacht accidents. Yacht owners and operators are required to comply with a host of boating rules and safety laws. When these rules and laws are violated and an accident occurs, operators and owners can be held liable for ensuing injuries and damages. At Brais Law Firm, we understand the navigational rules and safety laws. When a yacht accident occurs, we undertake a complete examination so that we can help our clients recover the compensation to which they are entitled.
  • Ferry, tour boat and charter vessel guest accidents. Our firm has vast experience representing individuals who have been injured on ferries, tour boats and charter vessels. We handle all types of claims, ranging from slip and falls accidents on wet decks and passengers overboard to physical and sexual assaults. Because the attorneys with our firm have years of prior experience representing these operators, we have an inside understanding of what is required to bring a successful claim.
  • Sightseeing and dinner cruise accidents. Whether it’s a snorkeling adventure, sunset sail or a private party on the water, sightseeing and dinner cruises are popular activities for vacationers and residents alike. Unfortunately, passengers and crew members can suffer serious injuries when the operators of these voyages are negligent. At Brais Law Firm, we understand the complex body of laws (known as maritime law) governing accidents and injuries that occur on the water. If you have been injured on a sightseeing or dinner cruise, our team will examine your case from every angle so that we can build a powerful case on your behalf.
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After my accident I contacted them right away. I was able to see them the same day and was kept in contact throughout the process. Everyone in the office was very accommodating, polite and professional. I highly recommend Brais Law and think very highly of their lead attorneys. They helped me WIN my case, and I am forever grateful. They went above and beyond to assist me. Thank you all so very much. H.S.
The entire law firm of Brais Law were extremely helpful in handling my snorkeling accident. The firm takes customer service to a new level, not only being readily available, but courteous, respectful, sympathetic, and empathetic. The firm, especially Keith and Karla, were always quick to return calls, offer updates, and provide guidance and information. There is no comparison when it comes to firms. If you need legal advice or representation, especially concerning maritime events, contact Keith and his crew first and save yourself a lot of time and heartache! J.C.
I was looking to refer a client injured on a cruise ship and had the pleasure of speaking to Keith. Keith was extremely helpful and he took time out of his day to provide some guidance. If you're looking for a Admiralty & Maritime /Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida, I would highly recommend Brais Law Firm! T.C.