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Snorkeling Accidents

Video Transcript

When a person goes snorkeling, nearly in every single circumstance, it's going to be governed by maritime law. There are certain duties and responsibilities that need to be followed. One of them, principally, is that there should be a flag. And the idea behind the flag, that's the diver's responsibility, so that they alert or provide notice to a nearby boater that they're going to be in the water. The person who's diving or snorkeling needs to stay within a certain number of feet, generally 300 feet of where the vessel is and that's considered the safe zone.

There are a number of Florida statutes on point. There are a number of diving standard of care principles that need to be applied in every single one of these cases. Snorkeling accidents, whether the buddy system has been violated, or whether another boat has caused an injury to any one of the divers, is something that our firms help people with for nearly 30 years.