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My wife and I were doing a program for the staff of a private resort off the coast of Antigua. She was struck by an employee driving a golf cart improperly loaded with tables. My wife never saw it coming. She has lost vision in one eye, pelvic bone suffered splinter fracture and her right wrist joints completely blown apart requiring extraordinary steps to re-construct, and over two years of therapy. Getting medical care on a small island was only half of the problem. This was a life changing event.

Finding a maritime attorney was the challenge. The more I searched, the more the firm of Brais Law Firm surfaced to the top. I reached out. Almost immediately we were embraced by Keith and his team. They became extended family for the four year healing and litigation process.

We can not speak highly enough or recommend highly enough Keith Brais and his team. Being harmed overseas in a resort or on a cruise ship is an unexpected tragedy no one should endure. While the pain does not go away, the comfort of knowing you have someone of Mr. Brais capability on your side does provide emotional balm. When it became court time, you quickly realize you made a wise decision.

Thank you Keith and your incredible team for your tenacity, creativity and ability to take an overseas situation and bring it to fruition on US soil. We are forever indebted to you.