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What am I Owed if I am Hurt on a Cruise Ship?

Video Transcript

Very often the firm receives phone calls from cruise ship passengers. They've set sail out of Miami, a major port for Lauderdale, Houston, wherever the case may be. Sometimes they join ships in Puerto Rico. And there's something that has happened, they've had a slip and fall, they've had a trip and fall. Most recently we've received quite a number of phone calls dealing with electric doors.

There's a whole entire body of law which is a maritime law that says every single cruise ship owes to their passengers the exercise of reasonable care under the circumstances. So if the cruise line knew or should have known of a defective condition, meaning the condition existed for a period of time, that by the exercise a reasonable care, meaning they should have learned about it. If they should have known about it, then they should have rectified the issue correctly. If they haven't, then that cruise passenger has a valid claim against that cruise line.