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What is Involved in a Scuba Diving or Snorkeling Accident Claim?

Video Transcript

At the Brais Law Firm, we routinely handle diving accident cases, either scuba or snorkeling. One very, very sad story. A group of people go down and grab lobsters in Minisiston here in Florida. The next thing the gentleman realized is he was tagging on a line. He didn't understand why the line was so heavy. His friend, un-denounced to him, had died.

The fact that the individual who realized his friend have died from after the fact, is violation of what's referred to as The Body System. When you're diving, you're supposed to be diving and having a means of communication with your dive buddy. His failure to do so prevented him from being able to intervene and potentially save the other person's life.The other types of cases that we get involved with involving scuba tanks and scuba diving; dive profiles weren't found, the dive site wasn't safe, verification of the tides and currents weren't made, people are swept away, engines are started with divers in the water. You get props strike cases in that particular instance. In other instances, you just get boaters who are completely unaware of what a dive flag even looks like. In most times, you have to minimally stay away 300 feet away from the vessel that is displaying a proper dive flag.

In other instances, we've helped people who have been literally run over by high-speed boats. If anyone has ever had anything like this happen to them or a loved one, please feel free to call the firm. We will be happy to try to help you.