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What is Maritime Law?

Video Transcript

As a general rule, if the person who is injured, or the person who, unfortunately, lost their life, if they were traveling as a passenger on a cruise ship. A passenger on any type of vessel, or if they were working in a capacity in any one of those vessels, or if they were employed by a marine employer.

Essentially, all of those claims are going to be governed by what's referred to as Admiralty and Maritime law. There are lawyers who are more familiar with, say, shoreside accidents. The auto accident cases or whatever, don't typically have experience dealing with these claims. The maritime cases tend to have shorter periods of time within which, say, for example, a passenger can file a suit.

If a person, or a loved one, again, perished through a wrongful death having to do with the water, having to do with the vessel, having to do with employment on the water, they should seek out a qualified Maritime and Admiralty law firm to help them