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What types of financial compensation can I recover?

Every cruise ship accident and maritime injury case is unique and the compensation that you are entitled to recover will depend upon the specific facts of your case, the injuries suffered and the governing law. For instance, if you are an injured crew member who qualifies as a “seaman” under the federal Jones Act, you may have three potential avenues available to collect compensation: (1) Filing a lawsuit against your employer for negligence under the Jones Act; (2) Suing the owner of the vessel for damages under the doctrine of unseaworthiness; and (3) Collecting maintenance (lodging and food) and cure (medical expenses) and sick wages against your employer and even the ship itself under an “in rem” claim. If you are a passenger injured on a cruise, a cruise ship accident lawyer at our firm will work to help you recover a wide range damages, including compensation for past and future medical care, lost past and future income, diminished earning capacity, and pain and suffering whether emotional, psychological or physical.