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Your Firm is in FL and I am Elsewhere. Can You Still Help me?

Video Transcript

Very often, the firm receives a phone call, and in understanding what kind of practice we are, we are a maritime personal injury, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries. These are people who were sitting up until this accident occurred, they then, anywhere in the world and they got the idea to either come to Florida and sail on a cruise ship, or take a vacation at one of the resorts in the Bahamian islands or Caribbean. They say to themselves, "How can I possibly pursue a claim when I live in --?" And they name some far off place.

Well, the fact is, that every single time you sue a cruise line, your ticket provision requires that that person sue that cruise line in Miami Florida, independent of where you live. Even though you were sitting on the couch and you saw an advertisement, and it said, "Take a great cruise, have a lot of fun. Do this, do this." And you saw it and you were in Alaska at the time you saw this. You were thinking to yourself, "Well, I ought to be able to bring a lawsuit here because I was solicited to sign up for the cruise line in Alaska." That can be a case. You're going to have to bring your lawsuit in Miami. The fact that you live in a very remote, wherever that might be, place, doesn't interfere with our ability to represent your interests. We talk to our clients all the time. We Skype to our clients all the time. We can video conference with our clients all the time. The fact that a client lives elsewhere does not negatively impact our ability to represent the client at all.