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Our firm, based in Miami, FL, focuses on catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death claims involving, cruise ship, ferry and tour boat passengers, crew members, commercial fishermen, oil rig workers, longshoremen, dock workers as well as professional and recreational divers. The firm has more than two decades of experience handling cruise ship passenger sexual assault claims. Brais Brais & Rusak provides victims with more than fifty-years trial experience and the expertise of two board certified maritime lawyers. Our firm, with offices in Miami, FL, Boston, MA, and Houston, TX, also routinely handles suits involving, yacht and recreational boat collisions, yacht owner marine insurance disputes, unsafe marine products that cause fire or sinking and marine commercial litigation.

You are most unfortunately looking over this website because you or a loved one recently suffered a serious personal injury or worse. Alternatively, your maritime employer or marine insurance company refused to provide benefits owed to you. While the firm handles a wide range of litigation matters, these are most often the reasons we are contacted. As a result, you have lost or are about to lose money, a career, and perhaps even the ability to support yourself and your family for the remainder of your life.

All too often, these circumstances are the result of carelessness, indifference, corporate "penny pinching" or outright greed, a consequence of which safety was compromised or your rights denied. The resulting harm is oftentimes not unforeseen. Corporate "bean counters" accept the inevitability of accidents but calculate the preventative costs exceed the expense associated with eliminating the risk of injury and associated lawsuit. Similarly, insurance claims are often denied based upon the gamble by underwriters that "the insured will not bother to sue and will eventually go away." Less claims paid means more money for the Insurance Company’s stockholders. While this thinking may not be true of every maritime employer or insurance company, you need only to turn on the evening news to be reminded how often individuals suffer as a consequence of corporate greed.

Your choice of a law firm in this highly specialized area of law will have the single greatest impact on the outcome of your claim and in many instances the remainder of your life. There are no "files" at Brais Brais & Rusak. There are only people who are overwhelmed, in need of competent counsel, and who over the course of a lawsuit more often than not become extended members of the "Brais Brais & Rusak" family. Corporate clients measure "success" by a spike in stock value or increased dividend. Individuals, on the other hand, entrust to their attorney the hope that the wrongdoer will be held accountable and that they and many times their family will have a means to support themselves for the remainder of their lives. The help provided to an individual is never forgotten.

No attorney can guarantee a huge award in every case or that a particular case is a "sure winner." Each case is different and results vary. That said Brais Brais & Rusak is a leader in the field of maritime law with results that are well documented on this website. Brais Brais & Rusak commits to each and every client to provide needed emotional support, zealous and aggressive representation, and to obtain whenever possible just compensation. No entity being sued ever volunteers to pay "just compensation"; it is extracted generally only when that party is in peril of potentially suffering an even worse outcome at trial.

Brais Brais & Rusak is "AV" rated by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest peer review rating recognized by the Florida Bar. A complete list of the firm and attorney "Credentials & Qualifications" are located in the vertical menu on the right hand column of this page.

The attorneys at the law firm of Brais Brais & Rusak have the experience to protect your rights, the compassion to serve your needs, and the skill to obtain the compensation you deserve. To reach our lawyers you may click email the firm, call 1-800-499-0551 from within the U.S., Skype BraisLaw worldwide or click Contact Us to select and complete a form for a free evaluation of your case. We have three locations in Miami, FL, Houston, TX and Boston, MA for your convenience. We also travel to other parts of the country. Attorney client meetings by appointment only.

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