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Miami Jet Ski (PWC) Accidents

Miami beaches are famous for their white sands, blue waters, and great rental market to get on the water while seated, standing, kneeling, or laying on a jet ski or other personal watercraft (PWC). While jet skis and other motorized water toys can be a great deal of fun, the negligence of other operators or the rental company can result in costly injuries. 

If you have been injured while riding a jet ski or other PWC in Miami, the experienced Miami jet ski accident attorneys at Brais Law are available to provide a risk-free, cost-free consultation on your case. The unique facts and circumstances of your injuries and the accident that caused them will determine what options are available to you, and we’ll advocate on your behalf every step of the way. 

What is a Personal Watercraft? 

A personal watercraft (PWC) is a designation that applies to watercraft that you are “on,” as opposed to “in,” which would make the watercraft a vessel. The laws and legal precedents that apply to your case depend on whether you were on a vessel or a PWC, and your experienced lawyer will work to achieve the best outcome, whatever the facts surrounding your injury. 

Common Causes of Jet Ski and PWC Accidents 

Some of the most common causes of a jet ski and other PWC accidents include:

  • Negligent boat operators who create large wakes or dangerous conditions 
  • Other PWC operators engaging in negligent or reckless behavior on the water 
  • Poor management by PWC rental companies 
  • Manufacturer defects that lead to equipment malfunction 

You are able to get damages related to your injuries when the facts and circumstances of the accident or incident that caused them to indicate that another party or entity is liable. For example, if a boat operator was boating while intoxicated and they struck you while riding a jet ski, they and their insurance company will be liable for your medical expenses. And if the rental company poorly maintained their jet skis that caused the accident that injured you, you would file against the company. 

It is helpful to know that Florida Statute Chapter 327.32 protects your right to collect damages from liable vessel operators, regardless of classification, that causes your injuries. The law is on your side, and an experienced Miami jet ski accident lawyer at Brais Law can help apply it to win on your behalf. 

Should I Accept a Settlement from the Insurance Company Before Consulting with My Lawyer?

It is not uncommon for the liable party’s insurance company to present you with a quick offer of settlement after your jet ski injury. The settlement offer might seem to cover all of your immediate medical costs, lost earnings, and maybe even a bit extra. While you might be tempted to take the settlement, you do not need to feel rushed. You have a right to measure your complete damages before accepting a settlement. 

If your jet ski accident injury leads to long-term medical costs like surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing pain management medications, the costs can last for the remainder of your life. By working with an attorney, you will first have follow-up appointments with medical and occupational experts to determine the complete costs and damages associated with your injury. The calculated amount, as well as relevant evidence, are then incorporated into your claim, and if the insurance company is not reasonable, a lawsuit will be necessary. 

Connect with a Miami Jet Ski Accident Lawyer from Brais Law 

Reaching out to a lawyer as soon as possible after you have received emergency medical care for your injuries will support the best claim possible. We’ll start immediately by collecting evidence and drafting your claim to recover complete damages on your behalf. Your initial consultation is risk-free and cost-free, and if we take your case, we only get paid if we win, whether through an out-of-court settlement or through a lawsuit filed on your behalf. You never pay anything out-of-pocket. 

If your claim doesn’t result in a fair out-of-court settlement, we’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf. Our experienced maritime attorneys at Brais Law have over 70 years of combined trial experience to put to work on your behalf. We will carefully review the unique facts and circumstances of your case and apply the law and the outcome of similar cases to maximize your settlement. 

Our legal team is available to discuss your case by calling us at (305) 416-2901 or visiting our site to schedule your free initial consultation.

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