Cruise Ship Trip & Falls

Cruise ship trip and fall accidents occur with regularity aboard cruise ships. Our cruise ship trip and fall injury lawyers are often called upon to represent passengers and guests who have suffered an injury after tripping during their cruise vacation. Having represented many injured cruise passengers gives us special insight as to why trip and fall accidents happen. In our experience, trip and fall accidents typically occur because of:

  • Uneven decks;
  • Unmaintained stair noisings;
  • Improper repairs to carpeting;
  • Careless placement of tools and electric cords;
  • Stairs with atypical treads and risers;
  • Loose fasteners;
  • Inadequate lighting; and,
  • Improperly positioned or no handrails.

Injured in a Trip & Fall Accident Aboard a Cruise Ship?

Although cruise lines are not required to provide an accident free ship, they are obligated to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances for the safety of their passengers and guests. This means that the cruise companies must take reasonable steps to provide a safe ship for their passengers and guests. Often times, cruise ship trip and fall accidents could have been avoided if the cruise line simply maintained the area where the incident occurred.

As part of their legal responsibility, cruise lines are required to periodically inspect and perform adequate proper repairs to damaged carpet, tile, wood planks and stairs to accommodate passengers traversing them without catching the toe or heel of their shoes or sandals. The duty to effect proper repairs extends to any area where the passengers are invited or expected to walk throughout the cruise ship.

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Common Cruise Ship Trip & Fall Injuries

Injuries resulting from trip and falls are vast and include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Concussions;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Concussions;
  • Fractured wrists, arms, elbows, knee caps and hips;
  • Shoulder rotator cuff tears;
  • Deep cuts resulting in scaring;
  • Knee meniscus tears; and,
  • Neck and back fractures and herniated discs.

The above is by no means an entire list of injuries that may occur after a slip and fall accident. It is very important for passengers and guests to report the accident to the cruise line at first opportunity and, most certainly before the cruise ends. It is equally important to seek appropriate medical care and treatment.

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Proving a Cruise Ship Trip & Fall Claim

To prove a cruise line made improper repairs, our firm routinely retains biomechanical engineers to explain to the judge and jury how and why the accident physically happened and that the cruise line’s repairs fell below industry standards.

In circumstances involving transitory conditions such as a screw protruding up from the flooring or a dropped item on the floor, the injured passenger bears the burden of proving that the cruise line either knew or should have known of the hazardous condition. This is often shown by presenting evidence that the hazard existed for a sufficient amount of time that would place a reasonably cruise operator on notice of the hazard or that the cruise line in fact had notice of the hazard yet did nothing to rectify the condition.

This evidence is usually in the form of surveillance video, testimony of others who passed through the area in the hours before the accident and noticed the hazard or even records kept in the cruise line’s ordinary course of business. Our lawyers tirelessly seek out all evidence necessary to prove our clients’ cases and routinely travel throughout the United States and the world to obtain needed testimony to establish the elements of our clients’ claims.

Experienced Cruise Ship Trip & Fall Lawyers

The cruise ship trip and fall lawyers of Brais Law Firm have the experience and resources necessary to assist passengers and guests who were injured in a trip and fall accident aboard cruise ships. We routinely represent victims of cruise line negligence in proving a dangerous and defective condition was the cause of the accident. Cruise lines have entire litigation teams dedicated to defending claims and lawsuits filed against them. You too need an advocate in your corner, and with the law firm of Brais Law Firm, you will have experienced advocates committed to obtaining the best possible results for you and your family.

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