Recovery for Delay in Cardiac Treatment

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country, accounting for almost 800,000 deaths every year. It is possible that some of these deaths could be avoided if medical professionals act with the standard of care expected of them. Brais Law Firm is a medical malpractice law firm that helps patients recover damages for mistakes made by doctors, nurses, hospitals and other medical professionals and institutions. Our team of dedicated Miami medical malpractice lawyers has a proven track record of excellent results in challenging medical malpractice claims. We invite you to view the details of our recovery of nearly $40 million over the past four years alone*. Check out our Results page for more information. We have the experience and determination to help you.

Delay in Cardiac Arrest Treatment

Time is of the essence during a heart attack. The sooner a patient gets treatment, the better the chance of survival and of saving heart tissue from harm.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says, “Acting fast, by calling 9–1–1 at the first symptoms of a heart attack, can save your life. Medical personnel can begin diagnosis and treatment even before you get to the hospital.”

The National Institute of Health agency explains that doctors can promptly begin treatment once diagnosis is confirmed to restore the blood flow to the heart.

When a cog in the system falls short, your life is put in jeopardy. First, the dispatcher is tasked with sending an ambulance to you right away. Then, the emergency medical technician (EMT) is responsible for starting lifesaving measures to keep the blood flowing into your heart. Whether you arrive by ambulance or on your own, emergency room staff is responsible for promptly delivering care. As a heart attack victim, you should be a first priority on the hospital’s triage, which is the system by which hospitals are supposed to determine which patients need to be helped first in a busy emergency room.

If a medical professional or institution dropped the ball at any of these stages, you deserve compensation for the harm to your health.

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Misdiagnosis of Cardiac Disease

Doctors have the tools to diagnose cardiac disease, high cholesterol and blocked arteries that can result in a heart attack if left untreated. Your doctor should prescribe a diagnostic test if you have symptoms or if your personal and family medical history puts you at high-risk for these medical problems. A doctor may be held liable for ignoring your symptoms or risk factors.

Recover Damages for Cardiac Treatment Errors

Brais Law Firm offers you a free case evaluation so you can learn whether you have a valid medical malpractice claim before a final decision is made to proceed forward with mandatory pre-suit notifications and eventually a lawsuit. Under our contingency plan, you do not pay lawyers’ fees until we recover damages through a verdict or settlement. Our main office is in Miami, Florida.

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