Our Miami Trip and Fall Lawyers Handle Stairwell & Ramp Accidents

Stairwell and ramp accidents can usually be characterized as trip and falls because a property owner has allowed a stairwell, steps, or a ramp to fall into disrepair or become unreasonably dangerous. Under Florida law, property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition for visitors, that fall into different classifications such as trespassers, licensees, or invitees. Most cases typically involve invitees—individuals that are invited or permitted on the property for some business purpose. Thus, customers, employees, and tenants, to name a few, are groups of individuals that can be characterized as invitees, which are owed the highest duty of care by a landowner.

How does one prove that a stairwell (or its railings) or ramp is in disrepair or a defective condition? While these hazards are sometimes visible to the naked eye, a number of building and housing codes provide a number of regulations that property owners must adhere to in order to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Florida, like other states, has various building codes that govern the construction and maintenance of stairways, handrails and ramps. If any of these buildings features were broken or failed to comply with the specifications provided by law, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Review our Results page to see the success of the work we take on in this category of law.

The Miami and Ft. Lauderdale stairwell and ramp accidents lawyers at Brais Law Firm are closely familiar with the faulty conditions that landowners fail to correct on these areas of their property:

  • Stairways

Stairwell can pose a hazard to the visitors of premises, especially staircases that fall into disrepair. Stairs with uneven or missing surfaces can lead to falls that result in serious injuries. These areas can also be dangerous from their inception (before falling into disrepair) because they were defectively designed, failing to meet Florida’s regulatory requirements.

  • Handrails

Railings are often what cautious individuals turn to when making their way up or down stairs. However, a faulty railing can ironically become the source of the person’s injuries. Damaged or loose handrails give visitors a false sense of security and can often be the result of their fall when they break or fail to provide needed support. In other cases, these safety features are entirely nonexistent.

  • Ramps

The fact that this means of ingress or egress is usually located outside a building’s structure make it more susceptible to the everyday wear-and-tear of nature’s elements. Even though ramps may become damaged by way of uneven surfaces, bumps, or potholes—landowners still have a duty to maintain them in a safe condition.

Learn How Brais Law Firm Can Help After a Fall

The South Florida slip and fall attorneys at Brais Law Firm represent victims of accidents and negligence on a contingency fee basis, which means you owe no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you. Our team is AV-rated and our main attorneys are board certified. We handle claims throughout the state with a main office located in Miami, Florida. Connect with us via Skype, our online contact form, or by calling 888-238-5637.

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