Renting a boat or going on a chartered tour or fishing expedition is a great way to experience Key West’s unique ecological environment. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. From poorly-maintained boats to negligent and inebriated captains, there are numerous issues that can lead to accidents on the water. If you’ve been injured in a grounding or collision, you should speak with a Key West boat accident lawyer about your legal rights.

Grounds to File a Claim for a Boat Accident in Key West

When you go boating on vacation, the last thing you expect is to come back injured. Unfortunately, this is a very real risk. Several local residents and vacationers get injured in Key West boating accidents each year.

If you were injured in a boating accident while on vacation in Key West, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Some examples of potential grounds for filing a claim include:

  • Negligent Boat Maintenance – If you rented a boat that had been poorly maintained, or if you were involved in a collision with a poorly-maintained vessel, the rental company or boat owner may be liable for your losses. If the accident was the result of negligent maintenance work, then the marina or other business that performed the work may be liable.
  • Negligent Entrustment – Companies that rent boats to vacationers must take reasonable steps to ensure that renters are capable of operating their vessels safely. If you were involved in a collision with an inexperienced captain, this could potentially give you a claim against the rental company as well.
  • Negligent Hiring – Companies that operate charters in Key West must hire qualified captains and crew. If captain or crew member inexperience was a factor in your charter boat accident, then the charter company may be legally responsible.
  • Negligent Boat Operation – From going too fast and creating dangerous wakes to failing to navigate out of harm’s way and going out in dangerous conditions, many forms of boater negligence can lead to accidents on the water. If your captain was negligent, or if you were involved in an accident involving another boater who was negligent, a Key West boat accident lawyer at Brais Law Firm can help you seek just compensation.
  • Boating Under the Influence – Despite the obvious dangers of boating under the influence, it is still common in Key West. If your boat accident was caused by a drunk captain, you can – and should – file a claim for just compensation.

Again, these are just examples. From overloading sightseeing boats to failing to equip boats with appropriate safety equipment, many other issues can lead to recreational boating accidents as well. Regardless of what happened, if you were injured in a boat accident while on vacation in Key West, you should speak with a lawyer promptly.

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