You got hurt at work, and your friends and family members are telling you that you should talk to a lawyer. But, you have questions, and you aren’t sure whether you really need a lawyer to represent you. In particular, you want to know: What does a Fort Lauderdale maritime lawyer do? How much does it cost to hire a lawyer? And, most of all, is it worth it?

5 Ways a Maritime Lawyer Can Help You

There are lots of ways a maritime lawyer can help if you’ve been hurt at work. For example, when you hire a lawyer to represent you, your lawyer will:

  • Determine if You Have a Claim (or Multiple Claims) – If you work in a maritime occupation and you are dealing with a work-related injury, there is a good chance that you have a claim for compensation. In fact, you could have multiple claims that you can file to maximize your financial recovery. An experienced maritime lawyer can assess your rights under the Jones Act and other laws to make sure you don’t leave any money on the table.
  • Assess Your Present and Future Losses – When seeking compensation for a maritime accident, you need to know how much you are entitled to recover. Your future losses could far exceed your losses to date, and an experienced maritime lawyer can help you understand the total financial and non-financial costs of your work-related injury.
  • File Your Claim (or Claims) for You – Regardless of which claim (or claims) you can file, filing successfully will not be easy. There will be several steps involved, and you will need to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of your legal rights. When you hire a maritime lawyer to represent you, your lawyer will file your claim (or claims) on your behalf.
  • Negotiate for a Fair Settlement on Your Behalf – Your lawyer will also negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf. If you were seriously injured in a maritime accident, you cannot afford to settle for less than you deserve. By relying on an experienced maritime lawyer’s advice, you can avoid settling too soon.
  • Go to Court if Necessary – Finally, your lawyer can take your claim (or claims) to court if necessary. While most claims settle, you need to show that you are prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve.

How Much Will It Cost (and Is It Worth It)?

It costs nothing out-of-pocket to hire a Fort Lauderdale maritime lawyer to represent you. So, is it worth it? Absolutely. You have nothing to lose, and putting an experienced lawyer on your side will greatly improve your chances of taking home just compensation.

Talk to a Fort Lauderdale Maritime Lawyer for Free

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