When you set sail on a cruise, the last thing you expect is to have a medical emergency onboard. Unfortunately, this is a circumstance that happens from time to time. In this article, Miami cruise ship accident attorney Keith Brais explains what you need to know should this happen to you.

What To Know if You Have a Medical Emergency While On a Cruise

Here are five important facts to know if you experience a medical emergency while on a cruise:

1. The Cruise Ship Should Have Adequate Medical Facilities

All cruise ships are supposed to be equipped with medical facilities that are adequate to handle emergencies. The Cruise Line International Association and the American College of Emergency Physicians set standards for cruise ship medical facilities—including standards regarding things like:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Defibrillators and other emergency medical equipment
  • Patient monitoring equipment
  • Medications
  • Medical staff

Even if a cruise ship’s medical facilities are not staffed around the clock, you should still be able to get emergency care 24/7. All passengers should receive information about how to contact on-call medical staff when necessary.

2. The Cruise Ship’s Medical Staff Should Provide Adequate Care

When you seek treatment onboard a cruise ship, the cruise ship’s medical staff should provide adequate care. Just like health care providers on land, cruise ship doctors and nurses have a duty to meet certain professional standards.

3. Many Cruise Passengers Don’t Get the Treatment They Need

Unfortunately, despite these legal requirements, many cruise passengers don’t get the treatment they need. Medical mistakes are common, and cruise ships often are not adequately equipped to provide emergency or life-sustaining care until a patient can be transferred to a hospital.

4. If You Receive Inadequate Treatment, You Can File a Claim Against the Cruise Line

If you receive inadequate treatment onboard a cruise ship, you can—and should—file a claim against the cruise line. Patients who suffer unnecessary harm can seek just compensation for cruise ship medical malpractice. If your medical emergency was the result of an accident, exposure event or another incident onboard (or potentially during a shore excursion), you may be entitled to file a claim for this as well.  

5. It Costs Nothing Out-of-Pocket to Hire a Lawyer for Your Case

It costs nothing out-of-pocket to hire a lawyer to file a claim against a cruise line. If you are entitled to just compensation, your lawyer will represent you on a contingency-fee basis, and your legal fees (if any) will be calculated as a percentage of your financial recovery.

Request a Free Consultation with a Miami Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

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