The costs of a jet ski accident can add up quickly. One day you are enjoying your time on the water, and the next you are facing bills you cannot afford. You need to seek just compensation, and this means you need to know who is responsible for what happened. So, who can you sue for a jet ski accident? Fort Lauderdale jet ski accident lawyer Keith Brais explains:

Multiple Parties Could Be Liable for Your Jet Ski Accident

Several factors can cause (and contribute to causing) jet ski accidents. While operator negligence is a common factor in these accidents, it is important not to assume that suing the operator is your only option. You may have other claims as well, and suing the right party (or parties) is essential for recovering the financial compensation you deserve.

Examples of parties you may be able to sue after a jet ski accident include:

  • The Jet Ski Operator – From hopping on a jet ski without adequate training to operating a jet ski under the influence of alcohol, many forms of operator negligence can lead to jet ski accidents. If you got hit by a negligent jet ski operator, the operator (or his or her insurance company) may be liable for your losses.
  • The Jet Ski Rental Company or Outfitter – Jet ski rental companies and outfitters must ensure that their rental skis are in safe operating condition, and they must avoid renting skis to individuals who present dangers to themselves and others. If you rented an unsafe jet ski, or if you got hit by a dangerous rider on a rental ski, the rental company or outfitter may be legally responsible for your accident.
  • The Jet Ski Owner – In addition to rental companies and outfitters, other jet ski owners can be held liable as well. For example, if someone hosts a party where they let people ride their jet skis, the host could be liable in the event that one of their guests causes a crash.
  • The Jet Ski Manufacturer – In some cases, jet ski accidents result from electrical and mechanical defects. If your jet ski malfunctioned, or if you got hit by someone whose jet ski malfunctioned, you may have a claim against the manufacturer (i.e. Kawasaki, Sea-Doo or Yamaha).
  • A Shop that Worked on the Jet Ski – Negligent maintenance work and repairs are also fairly common factors in jet ski accidents. If your jet ski suddenly lost power, if someone else’s jet ski wouldn’t cut off, or if any other maintenance or repair-related issue led to your accident, the shop that is responsible for the issue could be liable for your accident-related damages.

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