Key West Boating Accidents & Watersports Injuries

Recreational boating and watersports are generally enjoyable activities for most, but they can also be especially risky. The risk comes from the lack of experience of many participants which can lead to accidents and injuries. Florida Statute Chapter 327, Vessel Safety, determines the obligations of individuals involved in boating accidents in the state. Boat operators have a variety of obligations when on the water, one of the most important of which is to operate their watercraft safely, responsibly, attentively, and while sober. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and injuries happen. 

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Make Sure You Are Legally Protected after a Boating or Watersports Injury

If you have been injured in a boating accident or watersports incident in Key West, an experienced injuries attorney at Brais Law is available to provide you with a risk-free consultation on your case. If we take your case, we only get paid if we win.

Choose the Firm with an Experienced, Board Certified Maritime Law Expert

Brais Law was founded by Keith Brais who spent nearly two decades defending companies in the maritime industry against personal injury claims. After winning a particular case that left a bad taste, Keith decided to shift gears and create a firm devoted to protecting the rights of people who were injured in boating accidents, watersports accidents and any other form of water activity where someone else was responsible. He and his team have over 70 years combined experience and know how to get results.

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Boat Operators are Obligated to Provide All Possible Aid and Report Accidents to the Authorities

When you experience an injury in a boating accident or other watersport due to the operator of another watercraft, Florida law requires that he or she cannot leave the scene of the accident until they:

  1. Provide all aid possible to any persons injured in the accident.
  2. Contact the proper authorities, whether it’s the sheriff of the area in which the accident occurred or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

What Damages are the Negligent Party Liable For?

When an operator fails to complete these obligations above, their negligence may result in being held legally responsible for the accident and all related damages. The damages that you could be entitled to extend beyond immediate emergency room bills and property damage.

They can also include lost wages, long-term medical costs, and any impact on your ability to work and support yourself and your family. Working with an injury attorney focused specifically on boating and watersport accidents at Brais Law will help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

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FAQs: Key West Watersport Injury and Boating Accident Cases

What Will the Lawyer Need in a Free Case Evaluation?

What Kinds of Boating or Watersports Accidents Have You Represented in the Florida Keys?

How Do I Guard Against Boating Accidents While Visiting the Keys?

What Will the Lawyer Need in a Free Case Evaluation?

If you have photos, accident reports, doctor’s reports, witness contact information and the like already, then that is good to go over in your case evaluation. None of that is necessary, however, if you don’t have it. Part of your injury attorney’s job is determining exactly what is needed to support your specific case and then obtaining it.

What Kinds of Boating or Watersports Accidents Have You Represented in the Florida Keys?

A boating accident attorney with us has obtained significant damages on behalf of clients involved in Key West watersports accidents such as:

  • Collisions due to speeding
  • Collisions involving intoxication
  • Parasailing accidents
  • Falls overboard
  • Accidents due to inattentive operator
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Operating in inclement weather
  • And others

How Do I Guard Against Boating Accidents While Visiting the Keys?

The best way to protect against an accident when renting a boat or engaging in watersports activities through a local Florida Keys rental or marine outing company is to thoroughly read their safety policies and certifications, ask about their equipment maintenance and understanding of safe weather conditions.

We Bring Legal Relief to Those Who Have Experienced a Boating Accident or Watersport Injury in Key West and We Want to Help You

As soon as you have received the necessary emergency medical treatment following your accident, it is time to reach out to a skilled lawyer for boating accident cases. Do not make statements to any insurance company concerning fault in the accident, as their goal is to increase profits by paying you less. With an injury attorney from Brais Law on the case, we will take over the entire process, from gathering evidence and drafting your claim to negotiating the best possible settlement with the insurance company and its attorneys. If you’ve been in a boating accident or experienced a watersport injury in Key West, give our Florida office a call at 305-709-4117, or visit our site to schedule your free initial consultation to learn what your options are now.

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