Brais Law Firm is an experienced Miami products liability firm that handles complex pharmaceutical claims. Our attorneys aggressively advocate for the rights of patients. We have tried more than 100 cases to jury verdict and settled hundreds more. Our reputation for pursuing the rights of our clients at trial and only settling if it is in our clients’ best interests has helped us recover $20 million in 2014 and millions more in preceding and following years*. For more information about our recent successes, review our Results page.

Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

The Food and Drug Administration is tasked with approving the safety and efficacy of medications. Unfortunately, the FDA application process puts pharmaceutical manufacturers in control. These corporations often guide studies toward conclusions that are beneficial to them. After spending millions of dollars on research and development, drug manufacturers have every incentive to gain approval of a drug as expeditiously as possible, even if not in the patients’ best interests.

Once the drug is on the market, the FDA rarely issues a recall until patients die or suffer serious harm, so drugs with known defects may remain on the market. Furthermore, the labels often fail to adequately warn patients of dangers. Conscientious doctors are often not even fully aware of the risks to their patients.

Unregulated Supplement Industry

You may have chosen to take a “natural” medicine instead of a pharmaceutical because you believe it is safer.

Unfortunately, the supplement industry remains mostly unregulated. Supplements do not go through any sort of approval process and no government agency tests the products. In addition, vitamin manufacturers often mislead the public while remaining in compliance with lax labeling standards.

Despite, this reduced oversight, supplements can have a powerful effect on your body, just as with any other medication. Some supplements contain unidentified ingredients that can cause severe allergic reactions, such as gluten or shellfish. Others may not even include the advertised ingredient, which, although illegal, is rarely discovered or punished. In addition, the facilities that make these products are not subjected to the same level of inspections as pharmaceutical plants.

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Damages from Medications and Vitamins

The immediate harm and long-term health consequences that may arise from the use of defective medications and vitamins include:

  • Liver and kidney damage, common with toxic products
  • Antibacterial resistant bacterial infection from contaminated products
  • Allergic reaction to unidentified substances in the product
  • Cancers tied to carcinogenic substances
  • Heart attack, stroke and brain damage
  • Overdose of vitamins and pharmaceuticals
  • Birth defects caused by drugs given to pregnant women
  • Infertility in women and men
  • Drug transference to babies through nursing mothers
  • Failure to treat an underlying medical condition

Recover for Harm Caused by a Defective Drug or Supplement

Brais Law Firm takes action against the manufacturer for injuries you suffered from use of the harmful drug or supplement. To learn how we can help, schedule your free case assessment with our dedicated medical products liability lawyers. We take your claim on a contingency basis, so there is no risk to you to pursue your claim. Our law office in Miami handles products liability claims in Florida.

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