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California Man Who Slipped and Fell on the Kid’s Pool Stairs aboard the Norwegian Star Sues NCL

August 21, 2013 NCL Cruise Injury Lawsuits

California Cruise Injury Attorney .gifThe cruise injury lawyers of Brais Law Firm represent a California man who has brought a lawsuit against NCL for a shipboard slip and fall. Court papers reveal while walking down the kid’s pool stairs aboard the Norwegian Star cruise ship with his 2-year-old son, the man slipped and fell fracturing multiple ribs. The lawsuit alleges NCL requires all children under the age of 12 at the pool to be accompanied by an adult. However, the stairway that leads to and from the kid’s pool is not designed for adult feet. The horizontal planks making up the stairs (called treads) are several inches shorter than those found in normal stairs. In fact, when an average adult’s foot in on the tread, it protrudes several inches off the end. Also, the vertical planks making up the stairs (called risers) are significantly higher than those found in normal stairs. The construction of the stairs themselves, and/or in combination with a wet surface caused by children leavening the pool, constitutes an unreasonable slipping hazard. The fact that the kid’s pool stairs pose an unreasonable slipping hazard is well known to NCL. In fact, Brais Law Firm represents another passenger who slipped and fell on an identical set of stairs leading from the kid’s pool on the Norwegian Star’s sister ship the Norwegian Dawn.