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Florida Boating Accident Lawyer

Participating in activities on the water can bring about a certain amount of thrill given the speed of boating and the excitement of watersports. However, injuries can and do happen. If you were injured in a boating accident or watersport mishap in Florida, you could be entitled to compensation for the costs and damages linked to your injuries. These damages include short- and long-term medical costs, lost income, and potential pain and suffering as well as other damages, depending on the unique circumstances of your accident. You can determine if you have a case through a free consultation with a Florida boating accident lawyer at Brais Law. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience practicing maritime law and over 70 years of trial experience helping injured clients like you collect the full amount they deserve. Below, we discuss when and how you are able to collect for your boating accident and watersport injuries. 

Boat Operators Must Not Create a Hazard to Other Vessels by Speeding 

When you are out on the water enjoying yourself and operating your vessel responsibly, it is hoped that you can trust other boat and vessel operators to do the same. Under Florida Law, it is illegal for a vessel operator to: 

  • Move at speeds that would make the vessel’s wake excessive 
  • Create a hazard to other vessels 

An excessive wake created by a vessel not only produces hazards for smaller vessels but also for swimmers, divers, and participants in watersports like surfing or wind-sailing. Excessive speeds that create a hazard to other vessels or people that result in accidents will generally make the vessel operator liable for the damages they have caused. 

Your Florida Boat Accident Lawyer Can Prove Liability So You Can Collect Compensation 

If you have been injured in a Florida boating accident, you may experience injuries that result in significant medical bills, lost wages, and potential disabilities that impact your ability to work and support yourself and your family in the long term. You can only collect damages that you can prove with evidence, and you’ll only be entitled to them if you can prove that another party or entity was responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. 

Proving the extent of your injuries and their long-term costs takes more than adding up the costs of your emergency room visit after the boating accident and any paychecks you missed out on during your immediate recovery. It also requires that you have medical and occupational follow-ups to determine the lifetime cost of any medical treatments and medications that your injuries might require. Occupational experts measure the impact of your injuries on your ability to work and measure how much your injuries will cost in terms of lost earnings. Your Florida boating accident lawyer will handle your entire case, including scheduling appointments from their network of professionals to gather the evidence needed to win your case. 

Our Clients Pay Nothing Out-of-Pocket, Ever

Your initial case consultation is free. During your visit, we’ll collect evidence concerning your Florida boating accident injury to determine if your case is a good fit for our firm. It is helpful if you bring as much information as possible concerning the parties to the accident, the injuries suffered, and any related property damage. From there, if we are able to take your case, we only get paid out of a portion of the earnings we generate for you if we win. That means you pay nothing up-front and nothing out-of-pocket, ever. 

Speak to a Florida Boating Accident Lawyer at Brais Law Today

As soon as you have received emergency medical care for your injuries, it is time to reach out to a Florida boating accident lawyer at Brais Law. We will immediately start gathering evidence to begin building your claim and will take over all communications and negotiations with the opposing party and their insurance company and/or lawyers. Learning how to put together a claim that accurately proves your complete short- and long-term damages, while you are trying to recover from your injuries, can be difficult, which is why a Florida boating accident attorney is especially helpful. 

Injured in a boating accident in Florida? Reach out to the experienced maritime attorneys at Brais Law to discuss your case with a Florida boating accident lawyer by calling us at (305) 416-2901 or visiting our site to schedule your free initial consultation.

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