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Guatemalan Crewmember Hires the Brais Law Firm for Jones Act Injury Case

February 4, 2012 Cruise Ship Injury & Death

Guatemalan Seafarer Injury Lawyer.gifThe Brais law firm attorneys filed a Jones Act personal injury case on behalf of a Guatemalan crewmember. The complaint brought in Miami, Florida alleges crew spilled condiments on the floor between shifts which blended into the coloring of the galley’s floor making it not readily apparent. After reporting for duty the next morning the cook slipped and fell on the condiment which caused him to twist his knee and strike his head against a table. This accident resulted in a significant injury to the crewmember’s neck and knee. The Complaint alleges the employer was negligent and the ship unseaworthy by allowing crew access the galley after hours and not providing anti-skid matting commonly found in ship galleys and shore-based kitchens around the world.