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Miami Physician & Hospital Malpractice Attorneys

Physician and hospital malpractice encompasses a wide-range of cases that may concern medical malpractice. The liable parties can include both the physician(s) involved and the hospital itself. Physician or hospital malpractice incidents commonly arise under the following circumstances:

  • Anesthesia Errors: An anesthesiologist’s failure to discover an existing condition at the time of administering the anesthesia, which caused complications during the course of the procedure, may lead to liability if it could have been reasonably discovered.
  • Surgical Mistakes: If a health care provider fails to adhere to a reasonable standard of care during the course of a patient’s surgery, he or she will likely be liable for the person’s injuries. Common examples of surgical mishaps include:
    • Operating on the wrong body part
    • Unreasonably operating on a body part that the patient did not consent to
    • Negligently causing injury to other body parts or organs during the course of the surgery
    • Leaving a surgical instrument, sponge or other objects inside a patient’s body after surgery
  • Prescription Errors: A physician or other provider may have prescribed the wrong medication or incorrect dosage for a patient’s particular illness or symptoms.
  • Diagnosis Errors: A health care provider’s improper or failure to diagnose and provide an individual with adequate treatment may seriously harm the patient. In many cases, the rendering of prompt and adequate treatment will determine whether the individual will be able to recover and not suffer further injury or harm.
  • Failure to Warn: A physician’s failure to warn a patient of known risks concerning a particular procedure, surgery, or treatment, can lead to serious illness. An example of this is when a doctor fails to inform the patient that a certain drug or medication poses serious side-effects.
  • Improper Use of Medical Device(s) / Defective Medical Device(s): In either case, if a reasonable physician under similar circumstances would and could have properly used the medical device or forgone using the defective device, the physician in question will likely be liable under a negligence theory.

Negligent Health Care Providers

It is important to note that a hospital can also be legally liable for a health care provider’s negligence if said hospital negligently hired and/or retained him or her. In order to pursue a claim under this particular legal theory, a claimant may allege that the hospital:

  • Negligently or recklessly hired or supervised a health care provider when they knew or should have known that he or she could foreseeably cause harm to patients.
  • Failed to make sure employees and other hospital personnel have the appropriate education, license, and/or training necessary to properly carry out their respective duties.
  • Provided inadequate patient care when failing to hire enough staff to handle patient needs.

The Miami and Ft. Lauderdale physician and hospital malpractice lawyers of Brais Law Firm advise you to consult an attorney if you believe you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a health care provider’s malpractice. Various legal theories may govern your case and other injuries you may have suffered.

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