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What is a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit? What are the Types?

Video Transcript

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A medical malpractice lawsuit is entirely a different species or animal, if you will, when it comes to a claim broad in the state of Florida. It is very, very unlike the slip and fall case, the automobile case, premises liability case, the negligent security case, whatever have you; even a products liability case is very different. That is because doctors have lobbyists.

Lobbyists enact laws to protect a certain group, in this case, doctors. In every single medical malpractice case, all those records have to be sent out to a expert setting forth that the degree of care was substandard, and as a consequence, brought broad injury. If the doctor decides he is going to fight that crime, that's when a trial lawyer, familiar with a medical malpractice case, needs to act on behalf of his injured client and obtain for him or her, full and just compensation.