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What Justifies a PWC Jet Ski Wave Runner Injury Claim?

Video Transcript

If you have the money, you can go out and buy a boat tomorrow. You don't have to go through a power squadron class, you don't even have to learn really the rules of the road. That can lead to a situation where people who are relatively inexperienced can have pretty serious accidents, even deaths.Just think about when someone goes to Miami Beach and they want to rent a personal watercraft, a WaveRunner, or a jet-ski, whatever the case maybe. There's a Florida statute called the Livery statute.

The statute requires that the person who's about to rent to that other person is supposed to go through 15, a minimal of 15 checklists.

Each category would take a reasonable person about a minute to go through. But time and time again, we're called upon to help people who've been injured on WaveRunners because they were given instructions that might have lasted a minute, two minutes, three minutes, and after that very short period of time, they're on a WaveRunner going 50, 60 miles an hour.

If it's not them who injures themselves, very, very often it's the next person who didn't receive proper instructions in violation of the Florida statute.