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What Should I do After an Accident?

Video Transcript

After an accidents occur, whether you're a passenger on a cruise ship, whether you're a crew member on a yacht, there's a couple general rules that you need to think about. One of the rules is that the insurance company for the other side, within a very short period of time that accident occurring, they've contacted their underwriters. Underwriters have appointed defense counsel, and defense counsel's tracking down everything there is out there.

While another side of the equation is probably in the hospital suffering from injuries and the last thing they're thinking about is, "What should I do to protect myself?" Well, there's a couple of things. Don't wait too long because when you wait, the evidence evaporates. Find your witnesses. Get a hold of your witnesses. If you can even get maybe a statement from a witness, ask them what happened, ask them to send you a little note or something. Identify the witnesses. Photograph the defective condition, the circumstances of what occurred. One of the really important things and they don't think about this for a person who suffered personal injuries, memorialize your injuries.

You've suffered a very, very substantial injury. When your lawyer sits there and tries to explain, "Here's how bad off my client was." You're not doing yourself justice by failing to memorialize your injuries.You're going to have your medical records. Medical records hardly ever have a photograph. Those three things are things that they should be doing after every single casualty to help themselves. If you don't do those three things, you're going to be a victim a second time. That's what has to be avoided.